14 Nov 2015

Through my eyes pt.2

"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy".
Ernest Hemingway

Keta beach


Fish market by the sea

Fishermen safe return to the shore


Locally produced

Keta Bikers

Before the festival

On their way to Keta market

6 Nov 2015

Through my eyes pt.1

'' I am not African, because I was born in Africa,
  but because Africa was born in me. "
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

Off the main road in Accra

Free market

Free market 2

North Labone Area

Preparing plantain


Fresh Cocount

Esther preparing typical Ghanian food - fufu

Labadi beach

25 Sep 2015

Before it gets too cold ...

This Summer was extremely spontaneous with no real plan, but nevertheless  filled with sea, sun and as always good food.  We really enjoy spending time in my mum's hometown village near the city of Poreč and that was exactly what we did.  So, before it gets to cold.. we want to share with you our experience at the seashell raising area at Limski kanal - Školjkarstvo Istrida. We had the best of time, the owner Emil (married to my lovely cousin) was super fun & kind and the seashells, well they were simply perfect. Next time you are in Istria make sure to make the stop at Limski kanal here is why:

Our ride for the day

''Production'' on the sea

Limski kanal

Raising seashells

Eating oysters straight from the sea!

Nothing was left:)
The team for the day was:

Captain Emil :)

Sailor Ana

Photographer Karin

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