11 Apr 2014

Fragments of self

Sometimes we write about food, sometimes we write about travel and sometimes we write about things that inspire us. Recently I discovered a great deal of websites that I can't stop following. Browsing the infinite world of internet I stumbled upon a enchanting video Fragments of self, made by a London based graphic designer and animator Nick Cobby.

Fragments of self is a music video for Max Cooper's new track in collaboration with pianist Tom Hodge. The idea behind Fragments is that even if the things come from very different places they are part of the same whole.

Max Cooper/Tom Hodge - Fragments of Self - Official Video by Nick Cobby from Max Cooper on Vimeo.

7 Apr 2014

The Slovenian Week of Restaurants 2014 pt. 4

We concluded the culinary journey with Restaurant Vander and chef Benjamin Launay. In the heart of Ljubjana you can find Hotel and Restaurant Vander  known for its unique rooms and good food. 

Even though the food was good we left Vander with mixed feelings. The reason for the mixed feelings was the waiting staff, which was kind, but when we got our food no one explained to us what we got even if we heard that at the next table the waiter described every course. Consequently, one probably doesn't get the feeling of the effort that a chef puts in its creations and it honestly doesn't make you, as a customer feel special. Therefore I have to say that for me it's very crucial that each customer is treated in the same way, which also shows a high degree of professionalism. 

Our menu consisted of:

Dandelion salad soft-boiled egg in the domestic potatoes with dandelion pesto, cream of bacon, dandelion leaves and fried crispy pancetta

Dumplings of fresh sea bass with crispy sea bass fillet stewed clams and sauce from the pinot gris OR Slowly roast lamb with spring herbs, potatoes au gratin and young greenery.

Apple pie a little bit different - dough baked apple with butter, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream and apple

Nevertheless I would say that Vander is a safe choice for eating good food.

Vander Urbani Resort
Krojaška ulica 6-8
si-1000 Ljubljana
T + 386 1 200 9000
F + 386 1 200 9001

3 Apr 2014

The Slovenian Week of Restaurants 2014 pt. 3

Last year we were too late to make the reservation for Maxim in time, but this time around we got it. After hearing so much praise for the Maxim cuisine and it's chef Andrej Kuhar we couldn't wait to make the first bite at the three course menu prepared for the week of restaurants.

Upon arrival one could easily noticed that the waiting staff has very high standards. It must be the consequence of the french culinary tradition that Maxim has. I also have to add that the ambient was really calming and pleasant with a piano player adding just the right touch for an early dinner at 5.30 pm.

We started with Maxim speciality Onsen prepared eggs with jerusalem artichokes puree, enoki mushrooms and the spider crab sauce. I must say that this was definitely my favorite dish. I really enjoyed the presentation and the flavors were marvelous.

The second course young guinea fowl breast in herb oil, colorful pockets stuffed with goose pate and goji berries sauce.

For the dessert we enjoyed Mango panna cotta with Greek yogurt and sugar cotton wool. The desert was as good as it looks.

I would definitely like to visit Maxim again, we had a great time and most importantly the food was also super delicious.

Restaurant Maxim

Trg republike 1,1000 Ljubljana

Mon - Fri: 12.00 -23.00
Saturday: closed, except in case of prior reservation
Sunday & holidays: closed

T: +386 (0)51 285 335

31 Mar 2014

The Slovenian Week of Restaurants 2014 pt.2

The 2014 Slovenian spring week of Restaurants is officially over and what an exciting culinary journey that was. 

I am always over excited, when I have to write about Gostilna Mahorčič because there is just something magical about this Karst's pearl. I have to admit, that while I was writing this blog entry I had trouble choosing the right words, and this is only, because I want to make real justice to the extraordinary food that we have tried. I've been already telling everybody that an hour drive to Rodik (from Ljubjana) is worth every single minute of it. 

As soon as we made the first steps into the restaurant, we've immediately saw some familiar faces. The co-owner Martin Mahorčič and the iconic waitress that has recognized us too. She even remembered where we sat the last time, when we were there.  Well, let me say that also this time around as soon as we were seated, we were full of positive expectations and just couldn't wait for our culinary journey to begin.

Looking at the menu prepared for the week of restaurants my stomach was eager to start with what I thought was the three course menu. But much to my surprise we got a welcome course from the kitchen, which got me even more excited. And what a welcome it was ... The presentation was simply perfect and true to the concept of the restaurant. Most importantly the tastes were, what I call flawless. The dish was called ''The imitation of the white truffle with curd rolled into dried mushrooms and truffle'' alongside we got the homemade bread, which was deep fried and absolutely delicious. 

The welcome course was then followed by the the first dish from the menu, which was a wild garlic flan with cream cod combined with its eggs and purple potato chips. Tastes matched perfectly and the presentation itself was impressive.

The second course from the menu, were the veal cheeks with crispy leeks on asparagus puree. Another example of extraordinary home feel tastes.

And finally the dessert. Before showing it too you let me just tell you a quick story about it. Basically if you remember, last year I wrote that the Mahorčič dessert was absolutely fantastic, but the portion was too small, which was unfortunate because I like to remember the tastes for a long time. Anyway, this time around, the experience was completely different. To my delight, we were served with, soft caramel tart, combined with Piedmont hazelnuts, passion fruit ganache and meringue red roses. The dessert was absolutely outstanding for two reasons. The first one is obviously, because of the taste of the dessert itself! I honestly have to say, hands down to the chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič, for being able to deliver unbelievable experience into this chocolate heaven that she made. The second one is that just before we had our first bite of this fantastic chocolate tart, the iconic waitress, told us that the chef has a message for me. The message said that the chef reads our blog and that she hopes that this time around the dessert was big enough to remember the tastes for a long time. And my answer is definitely yes!!! Therefore, I will continue to be the supporter of, in my opinion, one of the Karst and Slovenian's most outstanding culinary creativity spots, that there is.

If you thought that we ended with the tart dessert you're wrong. There was the final surprise and as the waitress said if we started with the white truffle let's end with the imitation of the black one. 

Needless to stress out that Gostilna Mahorčič is one of my two top favorite dining places ever. I could continue on describing my experience, but I rather stop and encourage you to try it for yourself ...

Gostilna Mahorčič 
Rodik 51
6240 Kozina
TEL: 05 680 04 00, 041 679 588

25 Mar 2014

The Slovenian Week of Restaurants 2014 pt.1

Needless to say how overwhelmed I was when on 3rd of March I got a message from my dear friend (Anja) that the reservations for the Slovenian week of Restaurants are officially opened. With a big smile on my face and after consulting my partner in crime (Ana), we decided that we will make three reservations starting with JB, Maxim and our all time favorite Gostilna Mahorčič. By chance we added another reservation also with Vander. So the plan is to visit 4 out of 69 top notch restaurants in 9 days for a menu price of 14 euros.

Our Plan of visits in chronological order:
Gostilna Mahorčič

JB or in other words the culinary world of Janez Bratovž and his family. There are three things I always observe and 'judge' when exploring and enjoying the culinary of top chefs: the food quality, ambient and the waiting staff.

Terrine of plant-polish pig with pumpkin and sunflower oil, fresh salad and vegetables

Thymus, wrapped in gauze, with the warmed cream, veal sauce and candied apples

It was my first time at JB and what I immediately liked was the ambient of the restaurant. For a moment I felt I was part of a movie scene ... imagine dimmed lights, fancy music and a kind manager asking for the aperitif while the waiting staff prepares your table. Our night started with a great Gin Tonic and Campari juice.

Veal shank cooked in its own juice, roasted potatoes "JB"

I heard and read so much about the cuisine of chef Bratovž that my expectations were really high. I decided to take the fish based menu while Ana took the meat menu. What I found really outstanding was the taste of Ana's second course (
Thymus, wrapped in gauze, with the warmed cream, veal sauce and candied apple) and my main course (Smoked white fish fillet with soy and honey, saffron puree, sea sauce and vegetables). 

Yellow polenta with cheese sauce, radicchio and smoked ricotta cheese

Smoked white fish fillet with soy & honey, saffron puree, sea sauce and vegetables. 

When dining outside I always keep a small space in my stomach reserved exclusively for the dessert.  I consider it as a perfect ending of the culinary experience. That's why I ordered the desert also at JB's even if it was not included in the restaurant week menu. To be completely honest I found my souffle good, but I think in a renowned  restaurant  as JB's could/should be better. However don't get me wrong I found the food at JB's mostly exciting. What I found really wonderful was that the chef came out of the kitchen to greet the guests. I found the gesture very honest and nice. 

JB tris 

Chocolate suffle
I will keep in mind JB as a wonderful saturday night cozy place with a dish to remember - Smoked white fish fillet with soy & honey, saffron puree, sea sauce and vegetables. 

Restaurant JB 
Phone: +386 (0)1 433 13 58 or +386 (0)1 430 70 70
Email: info@jb-slo.com.
Open Hours:
Monday – Friday 12 pm – 11 pm
Saturday 6 pm – 11 pm
Sunday and national holidays: Closed


14 Mar 2014


Couple of weeks ago Ana & me took off for a short, 4 day holiday to Malta. Our trip wasn't really planned ahead, so before we even realized we were at Treviso Airport leaving for the Mediterranean island of Malta. 

Our holiday was supposed to be all about sun, sea and good food or in other words pure relax. We booked our hotel in St.Julian's Bay.What really convinced us to do that was the price which was really incredible, they even included the drive from the airport to the hotel and breakfast. On the plane we talked about, how great it is that somebody from the hotel is going to pick us up and how Malta seems a perfect destination for our last minute holiday. But guess what? Nothing really went according to our plan. Nobody from our hotel came to pick us up and when we got there they told us they don't have our booking and that they can only give us a room for 1 night. All the challenges we had to overcome before enjoying our holiday wouldn't be so bad if at least the people at the reception were kind. Of course we didn't really sleep the first night and just wanted to leave the hotel as soon as possible.Well the next morning, to our surprise when we wanted to the checkout, the reception found us a room! They've just said:"listen we are sorry for yesterday all is in order now". However after an almost sleepless night we decided we are definitely changing the hotel (the room also had major problems). 

Once again relying on booking.com we booked a new hotel ''The Diplomat''. To our relief everything was different, the reception was kind from the start, the room was really nice and the view was just perfect. What was really interesting about our hotel was that we were definitely the youngest guests (average age of the guests was 70+).

In the next three days we walked a lot, we did some sightseeing, we went to see the capital city Valetta and we even went on a boat trip, which took us around the island. We tried also various restaurants and we predominately ate sea food, which was really good. What we've noticed is that the portions are everywhere really big. I can also say that after 3 days we had the northern part of the Island in our pocket.

My overall impression of Malta is good and I found the culture a mixture of british,arab,sicilian really interesting. I knew that Malta was a british colony from 1800 to 1964, but I was still surprised to learn that Maltese have left-hand traffic, with local vehicles being right hand drive. And I also didn't know that a long list of really known movies where entirely or partly shot on the island (Captain Philipps, Munich, Troy, Gladiator etc.). 

While we were leaving the island, we said we are not sure we want to visit the island again and that one time was just enough for us. But when we drove from Italy to Slovenia we reflected about the island again and finally agreed that, there is just something magic about Malta that, maybe after all we will visit it again in the future.

Ara inti Malta
(See you Malta) 

13 Jan 2014

Divine it was...

By now I am sure you've come to learn that,here at Pant My Teacup, we love everything that has to do with food. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise, that whenever we find a place that we really enjoy, we like to say it out loud. The name you should remember, this time, is of the Slovenian restaurant and bar diVino. 

I first visited the restaurant diVino last month, for a really special occasion, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. So, a couple of days ago, I decided it was time to visit the place again, and as expected, they didn't disappoint me. To be honest, the second visit reassured me, that they really know how to deliver.

The food was really good and I enjoyed every single dish I ordered. I would describe diVino as a really affordable, semi- slow food restaurant, where you get a feeling that you get more than you pay for. 

I strongly recommend this place, especially if you are in a hurry, but nevertheless, are still looking for an exquisite culinary experience, which I'm sure will make it worth your time and money.

BTC Ljubljana
Kristalna palača 

Mon- Wed : 7h -22h
Thu-Fri: 7h-23h
Sat: 9h-23h
Sun: closed